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1031Survey, Inc.

High Definition Surveying

Professional Land Surveyor providing scanning and survey services in Sonoma County and all Bay Area counties

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1031Survey, Inc. is the evolution of the former PacificHDS company that pioneered the incorporation and advancement of 3D laser scanning in the Bay Area.  

Our roots are planted in a solid framework of math, art, architecture, engineering and earth sciences.  Our focus is in bringing terrestrial LiDAR to every project in order to prepare the most detailed base map for your project.

After performing scanning projects for over a decade we found that we have never had to go back to a site because of missing information, not one time.  We do it once and we do it right.

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Topographic Surveying

Preparing a detailed Topographic Map should always be the first step in any project.  With this base map established in high definition all your site planning can be explored with confidence that you have the most accurate map underlying your proposed designs.  A topographic map typically includes the structures, solid surfaces, walls, trees and drip lines, visible utilities and contours that reveal the shape of your land.


Boundary Surveying

Your land is personal to you and in the Bay Area every inch is important.  If your land is a lot in a subdivision or a deeded parcel described by metes and bounds, our extensive experience with boundary surveying will resolve your boundary and set your corners.

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UAV Mapping and Photography

Capture your home or project from above in a safe, autonomous manner that results in quality imagery.

The cost effectiveness of using UAVs has made aerial photography an easy choice.

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ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

Commercial sales of property often require the preparation of one of these most detailed surveys.  With the Table A items selected by the owner/lender, and a current title report, we are able to get you a quote.

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PG&E Substation

About Us

High Definition Surveying

Our founder GJ Harmina, PLS has established himself as an innovative surveyor having learned the beginnings of surveying from an old school Fresno graduate while residing in Lake Tahoe in 1995.  After relocating back to the Bay Area, and many years of experience surveying in Marin and San Francisco, he then migrated to Sonoma County where subdivisions were the main focus.

In 2007 he jumped into Terrestrial LiDAR, when the technology became surveyor-friendly, and since then has developed a cost effective workflow that conventional surveying will never accomplish.  Maps produced by 1031Survey are created from tens of millions of scan points to create a map with significantly higher detail and rich with features. 

Over the past 20 years of surveying , GJ Harmina, PLS has achieved a solid reputation for being a technical and professional land surveyor.  We continue on this journey, eager to help our clients to achieve their goals and complete successful projects.

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